Friday, June 20, 2008

Yeah for Friday... and paychecks

We get paid every other Thursday where I work and I think that you should be able to count on that little bit of satisfaction knowing that your check will be there. I walked down to the post office to get the mail yesterday... no check. What?? No check! Called this office, that office and this office again. "That" (aka regional) office was slow getting our paychecks mailed out to "this office" and in the mail to the ones that don't pick it up at "this" office, like me. After working midnight-8am this morning, I checked the mail when I pulled into town. And there it was! The little piece of paper that will allow me to put the $$$$'s of gas ($4.09/gallon) into my car so that I can use 1 gallon going to work and 1 gallon to return back home.

I took some random pics on the way home from work this morning with my poor inexpensive little Olympus digital.

These are pics of some receding water from the river near Petersburg.

wild garlic

It's not too late to participate in the WSW stamping boards over at 2Peas. I haven't made any cards the last two days, but going to try and do a few later on this evening or maybe at work tonight.

Challenge~ Do you feel that sometimes you get in over your head with things your creating?
*I know I do! lol There are times when I want to try something new and not quite sure how to do it. I tend to be a little impatient at times and then I get stuck :)

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emily said...

That top photo is SO peaceful looking. No doubt needed after the aggrivation of not getting your paycheck...that is unfair. The photo of the wild garlic is really intersting too...I've never seen that before! TFS