Monday, June 30, 2008


is Chanel and Bishnu's 1st wedding anniversary. Happy Anniversary! Anyone that has gone through a child getting married knows the emotional roller coaster that you go through. You remember everything as it flashes by before during and after the ceremony. From the time they made their entrance into this world, all of the firsts they had, grade school, and then high school. You remember the ups and downs, good times and the not so good ones too. All the while you pray that you are doing things right and that they will become responsible, loving, and caring individuals. You want to have them little again but then you are proud of the young person they have become. I think it's especially hard for parents of the bride. I don't mean to sound sexist by any means, I think it just seems that way. I know that one day when our son gets married, it'll be emotional also. What can I say? I love my kids! It's so hard seeing yout little bird get wings and actually leave the nest. And yes... I cried! Shhh... don't tell anyone lol. That day was beautiful! We had so many people helping us and it turned out wonderful :) I'm posting a few pics from that special day. One of my favorites is of Chanel by the window.

Maggie, Chanel and Breanne

Chanel and her Daddy
The challenge at 2peas today is about what you're planning on doing the rest of the summer. Our son and his gf are flying out to New Zealand on Wednesday for a semester of study abroad. I'm so excited for him but will miss him terribly. He's not able to come home alot during the semesters he's been at Purdue, but it's only 3 1/2 hours drive away. I know that when he leaves on Wed, it'll be quite awhile before he'll be back. I'll really be experiencing the empty nest syndrome by December. On an up note, he'll have the whole month of December before classes resume at Purdue :)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Vacation spot

Today's 2pea challenge is to write about our favorite vacation spot. Hubby and I went on a cruise to the Caribbean 2 years ago for our 25th anniversary. One of the ports that we visited was St. Thomas. While on our cruise, I really wanted to snorkel in the beautiful blue toned waters of the Caribbean. We had booked a snokeling excursion over on St. John. The instructor suggested against snorkeling since the water was far from calm. And since we weren't experienced snorkelers, we opted to relax on the beach and swim. It was absolutely beautiful and very peaceful there. The first picture is what we saw from the bus on the way to the beach. The second picture is a shot from down on the beach. We have talked about going back at some point. Maybe not taking a cruise, but to just fly down to one of the islands and stay a few days at each of the islands that make up the VI. You can easily forget everyday worries and relax in the beauty that is the Caribbean.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Of lemons and lemonade

Challenge: Post one of your favorite warm weather recipes.

*This is a simple lemonade recipe that our family has enjoyed for years. It goes fast when we make it :) I use a wear-ever juicer that was my mom's for the oranges and lemons.

*Grandma's Lemonade*
3 oranges
3 lemons
1 C sugar (or less)

Juice the oranges and lemons and put into a 2 qt pitcher. Add sugar and water. Stir.


A few random pics from this weekend.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Yeah for Friday... and paychecks

We get paid every other Thursday where I work and I think that you should be able to count on that little bit of satisfaction knowing that your check will be there. I walked down to the post office to get the mail yesterday... no check. What?? No check! Called this office, that office and this office again. "That" (aka regional) office was slow getting our paychecks mailed out to "this office" and in the mail to the ones that don't pick it up at "this" office, like me. After working midnight-8am this morning, I checked the mail when I pulled into town. And there it was! The little piece of paper that will allow me to put the $$$$'s of gas ($4.09/gallon) into my car so that I can use 1 gallon going to work and 1 gallon to return back home.

I took some random pics on the way home from work this morning with my poor inexpensive little Olympus digital.

These are pics of some receding water from the river near Petersburg.

wild garlic

It's not too late to participate in the WSW stamping boards over at 2Peas. I haven't made any cards the last two days, but going to try and do a few later on this evening or maybe at work tonight.

Challenge~ Do you feel that sometimes you get in over your head with things your creating?
*I know I do! lol There are times when I want to try something new and not quite sure how to do it. I tend to be a little impatient at times and then I get stuck :)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Feeling lazy

I have felt pretty lazy all week. Maybe it's due to the extra hours I'm putting in at work. My mojo has been kidnapped and I want it back! lol I wasn't taking any summer classes for a reason. I wanted to spend some time doing things around the house that are way past due. No luck there it seems. People are hired but they don't stay long. It's a challenging job, not so much physically... more challenging mentally. No wonder my mind is so messed up lol. I've told them that I'm dropping the extra shifts when July comes to an end. Now whether they paid attention and listened, oh well. *grins* We'll see...

I think I like this card making thing. After buying 3 sympathy cards the other day and paying over $10 for them, I went into shock. 2Peas has been having WSW going on this week and there are some truly talented ladies over there on the stamping boards. I've been in awe at what they're able to create :) My dd and I have stamps and not sure why we haven't utilized them for cards before now is beyond me. Well, we've made a few but not on a regular basis. Times are a changing. I don't have alot to blog about today, so I'll bore you with a few cards that I posted on there.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Mushy stuff

Challenge~ Lets share one of your happiest memories with your kids and school.....
*I've had alot of happy memories with my kids and hope to have many more. They were both involved in scouts all the way to the end and both received the highest rank they could, a Gold Award and Eagle Scout. Both were involved in various sports all through school. We had basketball, track, cross country and swimming covered between them. I had a saxophone player and drummer in marching band, so lots of good memories there. I'm so proud of what each of them have done in their lives and what they have yet to accomplish. I see them each going far with their dreams and making many more memories along the way.

Made another card for the WSW Challenges on 2Peas.

Monday, June 16, 2008


Challenge~ Do you work better under pressure?
*Sometimes I do work better under pressure but most of the time I don't. I'm a lifelong procrastinator. I have to admit though, I already have a baby shower card completed except for the wording on the inside. Shhhh! Don't tell anyone or I'll lose my procrastinators license lol. Now the shower isn't until July 5th so I'm pretty proud of myself :) I'm participating in some of the challenges over at 2Peas. I have a few others started, but here is the card I made earlier today.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Life Lessons

Challenge~ What is the greatest lesson you've learned so far in your life
*Probably one of the best things that I've learned is it's not what you have in your life but what you do with your life. I recently read a book called "A Short Guide to a Happy Life" by Anna Quindlen and I would certainly recommend it. Much of what she says in it is true. She tells the reader to "get a life". To "Turn off the cell phone. Turn off your regular phone, for that matter. Keep still. Be present." People always seem to be running around trying to get to that better place. What is that "better place" and where is it? I have to admit that I've been guilty of the same thing. I work too much and don't get to spend time with my family as much as I'd like. Things can change in the blink of an eye and we really should take stock in what we have and enjoy the time with those that we love because you never know when it will all change. "Get a life in which you are not alone. Find people that you love, and love you. And remember that love is not leisure, it is work." I wish that I could have one more day with those that are no longer here. Some have been taken as a result of illness while others were sudden. Even when someone has an illness and you know what the inevitable is going to be, we don't always accept what's happening and miss opportunities with them. I'm guilty of that myself. Try to change what you can, while you can. (Quotes in italics are from the book.)
Grandma Mary, Jon and I

I show up. I try to listen. I try to laugh.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008



Last Saturday Chanel and I went through the yard sale loop out at White Oak, which is a serene unspoiled area in our county. There was a house that we came upon, which at first sight, caught our breath. We both were a bit surprised and wished we had a camera with us. Did we?? Not a chance! So, I ventured out this morning in search of our intriguing residence. Now remember, the first glance kind of caught us off guard, but after we approached, (slowly I might add), we were surprised at the peacefulness of the area.
White Oak Riviera

I was driving back home and happened upon something pink almost hidden by the trees. I grabbed both cameras and trudged through the brush to locate this loveliness. There was a burned out house and in the back along the fencerow... a beautiful pink rosebush.
Pink Rosebush

After taking several pictures, I glanced down and saw it. A TICK! There's only one more thing besides heights that I'm afraid of and that would be TICKS! I'm glad that no one saw me because I was jumping around trying to get it off of me. YUCK! I go straight home and strip down... who cares if the neighbors across the street see me lol. Well, they're on vacation so they still have their eyesight :) I found a few more and promptly put them out of my misery. *grins* The story behind that is when I was in brownies, our service unit was having day camp at a new location, West Boggs Lake. Well anyway, that year the ticks were very bad and they hadn't sprayed the new recreation area well. Every day I would come home from camp and my mom would have me strip down on the back porch (enclosed area). She would pull tick after tick off of me. To this day I'm petrified of the boogers. I won't touch them at all lol. Real mature for someone that's 46 huh? lol.

My Japanese Iris gave me another beautiful bloom this morning.
Japanese Iris

I took these pictures one morning last week out near White Oak. The blackberry bushes and honeysuckle are blooming. I love the smell of honeysuckle and I can't wait to eat blackberries :)

Honeysuckle w/dew



Almost time for work so that's all for now. I sure hope that I don't find anymore ticks :) So far I've found 4 :(

Monday, June 9, 2008

Hot Hot Hot!

Did I ever mention that I'm the Queen of Procrastination? Well, I am :) I waited too long to thin out/divide my Four O'clocks and now some of them are almost 3 feet tall. My plans were to deal with them so that I could raise that bed slightly and then work around to the side of the house with the flower bed. It looks like I'm now just adding the block edging to that section and will have to raise that area either in the fall or spring. I just have to remind myself to get wire to stake them up before they fall over. I did get some starts out of there to share with a few people before this mornings heat sent me inside. I took a few pics of a couple of blooms going on in my garden/menagerie/mess right now. I've had my clematis for several years and it's not looking too good this year. The yellow flower... well, I've forgotten what it is exactly :( If anyone recognizes this lovely, please let me know :) The Japanese Iris is one of the new additions to my bed this year. This is it's first bloom for me! As you can tell, I haven't even mulched around it yet. I'm getting there :) **Warning! Pictures taken with my inexpensive $69 Olympus FE-210 digital camera.**


Yellow flower

Japanese Iris

I received my first order from the other day. I just ordered a couple of pics to see how they would be before placing a larger order. These pics I took in photo class with my Canon EOS Rebel T2 SLR and developed/printed myself. I scanned in the print and this is what I got :) The size of these prints are 8x12.

Willing models for these photos were Chanel w/Jonah and Bret in a tree at Sugar Ridge.

Challenge~ Why is creativity important?
*Creativity sometimes lets me vent :) It's also forgiving to those of us that aren't very creative. We can say something like... "I was just trying out something new to see how it looks".

Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Weekend

Yesterday my daughter and I went in a yard sale loop. We spent more time talking to hubbys cousins that we ran into than actually browsing lol. That wasn't a bad thing since we don't see them very often and needed to catch up. We did come across a few interesting places while out. We were in dd's car so I didn't have my camera with us. I'm feeling compelled to go back and take a pic of the unique house we came upon.

All of us went out to eat breakfast this morning before our son and his gf had to get back home. They're leaving on July 2nd to study abroad in New Zealand. I'm so excited for them :)

Challenge~ What are you scrapping plans today?
I have to work a double starting at 4pm this afternoon and ending at 8am tomorrow morning. I'll take a few pages to work on for later this evening. I won't get much done, but something is better than nothing these days. It's hard to find the time to create these days. I'm not taking any summer classes and you'd think that there would be some more time to scrapbook. I'm not real self-motivated sometimes and need that extra nudge to get things going lol.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Errand filled date afternoon

I had my date day with Jonah a bit earlier than normal. We headed to Evansville for a day of errands and half way through we drove over into Henderson, KY to get gas. Gas in my neck of the woods is still $3.95 and in Evansville, IN it was $3.81. So as anyone from SW IN knows, if you cross that "money saving bridge", you most likely will get the gas even cheaper in Henderson. And sure enough! Gas was $3.73 at Swifty. Plus, if you pay cash and pump it yourself there, take off another 5 cents. Making gas $3.68 per gallon. I couldn't pass up filling my tank up. It's sad when we get so excited for a gas price of $3.68 isn't it?? Sheesh! After filling up, we stopped to get some lunch and then drove up the John James Audubon State Park. Jonah played with his tractors and watched the birds more than he ate. The temperature was hot this afternoon, but I did get him to eat a few fries. Really nutritious huh? On the way back to his house, we stopped to do a little "Big Lots" shopping. He was such a big help!

Today's Challenge is~ What are your favorite pages to work on?
*I would say that the heritage pages are my favorite to work on. I'm slowly putting together albums for my kids from some of the old photos we have. It's kind of a history of the family also.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Today has been one of those lazy days. After working a double over the weekend, I'm just caught up with my sleep yet. I'm working this evening but then off all day tomorrow. You know how it is... the more that you laze around, the less likely to get up and moving. I'm going to crack out my zune and take a quick walk around town to jump start some energy :) Last year I had taken off 35 pounds but a few of them crept back on after my Curves closed abruptly. I mean, the ladies who worked there were told on a Saturday that they wouldn't be reopening on Monday. Talk about a shock! I pretty much stopped working out like I had been and a few of those very evil pounds found me again. I'm trying to remedy that with walking several times a week and getting up from the couch to get moving. I think that working in my flower beds will help also :) Hubbys class reunion is the end of the month and hoping by then I'll be back at where I was before the evil pounds came back :)

Nurse Julie getting pinned 2008

Challenge~ What is the essential core of friendship for you?
*Acceptance without judgment. The truth be known, I'm pretty shy around people unless I know them well. Alot of people that I've met as an adult wouldn't believe this and some have thought I'm loopy when I've talked about my shyness. But all through school I would avoid talking to people as much as possible. I did have friends that I hung out with, but I had known them for awhile already. I still have those times but I'm working on that. One of my best friends, Julie, is one of those people who wants you to see the positive in yourself as much as she can. She's one of the most "real" people that I know. I was really blessed when she came into my life. The pic of Julie isn't very good. We were in a dimly lit auditorium and not very close. Another of my good friends, Sandy M is one of the most wonderful people that I know. I'm also blessed to have her in my life. This lady has gone through so much in her life but you rarely hear her complain about any of it. She continues to go on and is there ready to help others as much as she can. Her life is full to the brim and then some, but she always has time for a new project for scouts, the historical society or one of the many other interests in her life. Sandy is also Jonah's day care provider.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Monday Madness

I really should be outside working on the flower bed, but I just can't get motivated this morning. I think it's because I'd have to make a special trip into the next town to get dirt. And with the gas prices as they are... well, I'm thinking that on my way home from work in the morning I'll stop then and get it. So there goes my Monday plans... all shot up with holes lol. Then another plan... finish the scrap closet. Yay! No... I want to change the paint color in there since I want to paint the room itself and the color in there now isn't staying. Can we say complicated! Sheesh! Ok... I'm thinking organizing is always a good thing and maybe I'll work on a scrapbook page so that my day won't totally be unproductive :) I did finish the book "The Rescue" by Nicholas Sparks. That was my first one by him and I really enjoyed it. The next book that I'm going to be reading is a long one. "Outlander" by Diana Gabaldon is alot of pages lol.

On a positive note... I won a prize from Yellow Fence! They have some really cute shirts and tote bags on their site. You should check them out. I visited a link that was on their site, and now patiently waiting for my order to arrive. I only ordered it on Friday. I'll post them when they arrive.

Challenge~ What is your greatest joy about scrapbooking?
*I really enjoy spending time with my friends when we get together and scrapbook. But I would say that getting out the older photographs and reliving the memories of those past times is what I enjoy the most.
Have a great monday!