Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Today has been one of those lazy days. After working a double over the weekend, I'm just caught up with my sleep yet. I'm working this evening but then off all day tomorrow. You know how it is... the more that you laze around, the less likely to get up and moving. I'm going to crack out my zune and take a quick walk around town to jump start some energy :) Last year I had taken off 35 pounds but a few of them crept back on after my Curves closed abruptly. I mean, the ladies who worked there were told on a Saturday that they wouldn't be reopening on Monday. Talk about a shock! I pretty much stopped working out like I had been and a few of those very evil pounds found me again. I'm trying to remedy that with walking several times a week and getting up from the couch to get moving. I think that working in my flower beds will help also :) Hubbys class reunion is the end of the month and hoping by then I'll be back at where I was before the evil pounds came back :)

Nurse Julie getting pinned 2008

Challenge~ What is the essential core of friendship for you?
*Acceptance without judgment. The truth be known, I'm pretty shy around people unless I know them well. Alot of people that I've met as an adult wouldn't believe this and some have thought I'm loopy when I've talked about my shyness. But all through school I would avoid talking to people as much as possible. I did have friends that I hung out with, but I had known them for awhile already. I still have those times but I'm working on that. One of my best friends, Julie, is one of those people who wants you to see the positive in yourself as much as she can. She's one of the most "real" people that I know. I was really blessed when she came into my life. The pic of Julie isn't very good. We were in a dimly lit auditorium and not very close. Another of my good friends, Sandy M is one of the most wonderful people that I know. I'm also blessed to have her in my life. This lady has gone through so much in her life but you rarely hear her complain about any of it. She continues to go on and is there ready to help others as much as she can. Her life is full to the brim and then some, but she always has time for a new project for scouts, the historical society or one of the many other interests in her life. Sandy is also Jonah's day care provider.


Kimmie Sue said...

Sounds like you have some wonderful people in your life. You are very lucky indeed. :o)

Sandra Collins said...

sounds like you have some wonderful friends