Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Weekend

Yesterday my daughter and I went in a yard sale loop. We spent more time talking to hubbys cousins that we ran into than actually browsing lol. That wasn't a bad thing since we don't see them very often and needed to catch up. We did come across a few interesting places while out. We were in dd's car so I didn't have my camera with us. I'm feeling compelled to go back and take a pic of the unique house we came upon.

All of us went out to eat breakfast this morning before our son and his gf had to get back home. They're leaving on July 2nd to study abroad in New Zealand. I'm so excited for them :)

Challenge~ What are you scrapping plans today?
I have to work a double starting at 4pm this afternoon and ending at 8am tomorrow morning. I'll take a few pages to work on for later this evening. I won't get much done, but something is better than nothing these days. It's hard to find the time to create these days. I'm not taking any summer classes and you'd think that there would be some more time to scrapbook. I'm not real self-motivated sometimes and need that extra nudge to get things going lol.

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