Wednesday, June 11, 2008



Last Saturday Chanel and I went through the yard sale loop out at White Oak, which is a serene unspoiled area in our county. There was a house that we came upon, which at first sight, caught our breath. We both were a bit surprised and wished we had a camera with us. Did we?? Not a chance! So, I ventured out this morning in search of our intriguing residence. Now remember, the first glance kind of caught us off guard, but after we approached, (slowly I might add), we were surprised at the peacefulness of the area.
White Oak Riviera

I was driving back home and happened upon something pink almost hidden by the trees. I grabbed both cameras and trudged through the brush to locate this loveliness. There was a burned out house and in the back along the fencerow... a beautiful pink rosebush.
Pink Rosebush

After taking several pictures, I glanced down and saw it. A TICK! There's only one more thing besides heights that I'm afraid of and that would be TICKS! I'm glad that no one saw me because I was jumping around trying to get it off of me. YUCK! I go straight home and strip down... who cares if the neighbors across the street see me lol. Well, they're on vacation so they still have their eyesight :) I found a few more and promptly put them out of my misery. *grins* The story behind that is when I was in brownies, our service unit was having day camp at a new location, West Boggs Lake. Well anyway, that year the ticks were very bad and they hadn't sprayed the new recreation area well. Every day I would come home from camp and my mom would have me strip down on the back porch (enclosed area). She would pull tick after tick off of me. To this day I'm petrified of the boogers. I won't touch them at all lol. Real mature for someone that's 46 huh? lol.

My Japanese Iris gave me another beautiful bloom this morning.
Japanese Iris

I took these pictures one morning last week out near White Oak. The blackberry bushes and honeysuckle are blooming. I love the smell of honeysuckle and I can't wait to eat blackberries :)

Honeysuckle w/dew



Almost time for work so that's all for now. I sure hope that I don't find anymore ticks :) So far I've found 4 :(

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Heather said...

Lovely photos. I'm not a fan of ticks either. Or any other bug for that matter! We've had all kinds of weird bugs in our yard lately. Not my favorite part of spring/summer!
Thank you for your comment on my blog. Yes, all the pictures were taken with the A100. Sony just came out with 3-4 new models too! Being able to use the minolta lenses on it is one of the things I love about it.