Monday, June 9, 2008

Hot Hot Hot!

Did I ever mention that I'm the Queen of Procrastination? Well, I am :) I waited too long to thin out/divide my Four O'clocks and now some of them are almost 3 feet tall. My plans were to deal with them so that I could raise that bed slightly and then work around to the side of the house with the flower bed. It looks like I'm now just adding the block edging to that section and will have to raise that area either in the fall or spring. I just have to remind myself to get wire to stake them up before they fall over. I did get some starts out of there to share with a few people before this mornings heat sent me inside. I took a few pics of a couple of blooms going on in my garden/menagerie/mess right now. I've had my clematis for several years and it's not looking too good this year. The yellow flower... well, I've forgotten what it is exactly :( If anyone recognizes this lovely, please let me know :) The Japanese Iris is one of the new additions to my bed this year. This is it's first bloom for me! As you can tell, I haven't even mulched around it yet. I'm getting there :) **Warning! Pictures taken with my inexpensive $69 Olympus FE-210 digital camera.**


Yellow flower

Japanese Iris

I received my first order from the other day. I just ordered a couple of pics to see how they would be before placing a larger order. These pics I took in photo class with my Canon EOS Rebel T2 SLR and developed/printed myself. I scanned in the print and this is what I got :) The size of these prints are 8x12.

Willing models for these photos were Chanel w/Jonah and Bret in a tree at Sugar Ridge.

Challenge~ Why is creativity important?
*Creativity sometimes lets me vent :) It's also forgiving to those of us that aren't very creative. We can say something like... "I was just trying out something new to see how it looks".


Sharla said...

Your flowers are so pretty...I'm jealous. I don't have anything even resembling a green thumb. I have to stick with silk plants so as not to kill anything living..

The photos are awesome, love the one with the little boy.

Creative Junkie said...

well, your inexpensive digital camera works a whole lot better than my pricey DSLR because my photos are nowhere near as good as yours!

Chanel said...

Dang! My butt looks huge! But I love that picture... :o)