Saturday, May 31, 2008

Long day comes to an end

It's been a long day. I pulled a double shift and then went to a graduation party for hubby's niece. The last week I've spent some time reading several of the blogs here in the challenge postings. There are more than a few writers that I think are closet comedians :) Alot have been educational and all of them are interesting. I enjoy reading them all. I tell my daughter about some of them that I think she'd like to read and she shares some with me that she finds. No, we aren't stalkers! We're blog-hoppers :) You know you read someones blog, then click on a link they have on theirs to someone else's and so on...

I did get one of the front flower beds completed yesterday. My plants seem happier already with new dirt to stretch their roots out in :) Its dimensions are about 9x2. I'll begin working with the bed on the other side of the front steps Monday morning and finish it Tuesday or maybe Wednesday, weather permitting. That section is about 20x2 and I'll probably do it over 2 mornings since the plants that need to be uprooted are more established. That will just leave the right side of the house for the following week. I'll post before and after pics when I'm done.
Dirt is good!

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