Thursday, May 29, 2008

Flower beds

I've got several plans for today, one of which includes redoing the front flower bed. This means a trip to Menards for edging and dirt to raise it. Then lovingly removing the plants, adding the dirt and then replacing them back into their new home. I really haven't done much to the beds other than planting a few things over the years. This year I decided this was the year to revamp what used to be a nice flower area. A local gardening club has an annual sale of plants which are mostly perennials and I thought that would give me a good start.

Challenge~ Share with us something you collect and what got you started collecting these items...
*I collect old postcards from the town that I grew up in (Washington, IN) and the area where I live now (Winslow, IN). I have them in a box for now, but looking for a way to display them better.

Horse races in Petersburg, IN

Searching for bodies after the flood in Washington, IN

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Suz said...

I was enjoying your blog - a link on 2 peas brought me here.

I collect knitting needles. I started knitting about 4 years ago. I was stuck in bed with health problems and we had on demand cable. One day I was searching for something new to watch and saw on HGTV/DIY a show how to knit so I sent my hubby to buy some cheap needles and I kept hitting rewind until I taught myself watching a show called Knitty Gritty. That started me on my quest to collect antique needles. I love the old bakelite ones they are so colorful and look great on display in vases.

Look forward to seeing photos on your blog of the revamped flower bed.