Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sunday Collage

I'm doing a little catching up with this post. I did alot of running around yesterday looking for flowers for some special graves. After all of the miles I drove and stores visited... I had to make do with what was available. The place I used to get them no longer carry that type, which didn't please me at all. I thought wally-world carried everything lol. I did actually look at the challenge for Saturday, just didn't get it posted. I guess my fingers just couldn't find the "publish" button lol. Taking that opportunity now :)

Challenge~ A trip to the Art Museum makes me feel...
*Art museums make me feel inspired. On our trip to Chicago, we went to a few art museums. I felt inspired to be more creative myself. Well, as much as I am capable of :)

Chanel and family are back from Minnesota:) They had a nice visit with Bishnu's dad, stepmom and sister. She's trying to get her blog set up and when she does, I'll link her on here too. She's a picture-taker/scrapper too :) I'm sharing a couple of pics from Bishnu's graduation that took place a few weeks ago. The pic of Chanel and Jonah I had printed in b&w and not sure which I like better, b&w or color.

Bishnu is a happy graduate

Jonah and Bishnu

Chanel and Jonah

I'm working in a few hours and then tomorrow we're having a belated birthday party for Jonah. He actually turned 2 on May 5th. With everything going on... his daddy's graduation... their moving into their new home... it was hard to get time to celebrate. Tomorrow is Jonah's day though :)

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