Friday, May 23, 2008

Yay it's Friday :)

I'm on a roll... blogging more than once a week. I'm spending today getting caught up on some small projects, one of which is organizing pics on the computer. I've picked up 10 rolls of film in the last week and now going through them to order prints. Here a are few random pics for a random Friday.

yellow flowers

Jonah and the wooly worm

fence row


The first pic is of a field filled with those pretty yellow flowers, although I don't think farmers like them much. I stopped and shot a few frames while the goats across the road watched with curiosity. I shot them too but think they're on the last roll that I still need to develop. The next three shots are from when we went to Lincoln State Park. They were having a special weekend where more than 4300 girl and boy scouts camped for the weekend. This year is the 200th anniversary of Abraham Lincolns birth. He spent several years growing up in southern Indiana. The scouts participated in activities and hike the trails. My daughter and I are both lifetime members of Girl Scouts, so we thought we'd go and hike the trails with Jonah. He had a great time! He found a wooly worm and spent 5 minutes checking it out and talking to it. Then promptly stood up.... and stomped it. Yuk! Poor little wooly worm. The last picture is of my beautiful daughter, Chanel (aka Jonah's mommy). She's such a wonderful, caring person whom I respect greatly.

Now for today's challenge.
Challenge~ Friday makes me...
*Friday makes me want to organize, not that I always do much of it. I'm a procrastinator, but I'm doing better :) I'm bad about not putting things up right away, which makes things worse. Fridays are going to be my days for trying to organize and take a stand against clutter. Wish me luck!


Sharla said...

I love those pictures, it reminds me of the mountains by my grandpa's cabin.

Good luck with the organizing. I would rather be doing that also, instead I'm stuck at work.

Creative Junkie said...

My daughter has been in girl scouts for 8 years and just finished her silver award. She's now thinking about her gold ... the time just flies by, you know? Those are some great shots!

melissa said...

wonderful pictures!

jill said...

great photos!