Thursday, January 8, 2009

The New Year

With this new year we'll experience many changes in our family. Graduation will be here before I know it. Mine is in July and Bret's will be in December. Joe will hit a milestone with the "big 50". He'll get 2 1/2 years experience before I join him there and will ease me into that transition I'm sure :) Jonah is growing my leaps and bounds. And the kids aren't kids anymore. They've grown into responsible (did I just say that?) young adults and actually have a life outside of my arms reach. When and how did that happen? They've gained their independence from us, which in my opinion is both sweet and sour all rolled into one. I miss having them close and spending time with them, knowing that they did indeed need me. Now they don't need mom quite so much, but I'm sure that they know we're here to help them if need be. At times it's heart wrenching and at other times realizing the fine adults they've become makes my heart about burst with happiness. I used to laugh and think it silly when my mom would tell the kids she was going to put a brick on their heads to stop them from growing up on her so fast. Now that they have grown up, I understand just how she was feeling. I feel the same way about Jonah. Not that my mom or I would ever really put a brick on any of their heads! Like that would really work anyway :)

I think I'm finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. The first semester of school has been completed successfully with the second one starting on Monday. It's going to be getting very busy and hectic at our household until July I'm afraid. Clinical 3 x's a week and classes full days the other two. Not to mention that I'm still working 4 days. Whew! Hold on because the ride is about to get a little bumpy lol. It can be done with a little more organization. If anyone has any ideas to help us keep our sanity, please pass them along. I'm going to try and make some big meals and casseroles to freeze in small containers so my hubby doesn't go hungry. I'm thinking that after a full day of school I won't want to walk in and fix dinner right away. Crock pot meals are going to be a regular too.

I thought about the New Year resolutions many of us make, and then not keep and decided not to do that this year. Instead, I'm making a "to do" list this year. That way I won't feel locked in to something and then disappointed when I've fallen off of the resultion wagon. Instead, I'll try to do my best with the list I have and can amend it throughout the year. Some things on there are ongoing while others may be goals that I've set for myself. I think this way I'll be more successful.

Here we go...

Jennie's To Do List 2009
1. Study hard and do well in my classes
2. To look stunning for LPN pinning and graduation in July
3. Take time for myself each day to clear my mind of all the clutter and to reflect
4. Make more time for my family.
5. Make more time for Joe & I as a couple. The kidsare adults now :)
6. Finish my 1st quilt that I started several years ago and admire it on my bed.
7. Turn off the tv and the music on more.
8. Get up and move!
9. Take a small trip after graduation. We all deserve it.
10. Reconnect with family & friends. With each day that passes by, there are memories to be made and moments to share with someone special in your life.

What goals and plans have you made for yourself this year>

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