Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Just wasn't meant to be...

... for me to have a good day. This first picture here is from story #2 after I picked up Bret's car. I was awaiting the knights to return with the car trailer. I think my car is stalking me. She looks kinda sad don't you think?

I just knew it was going to be "one of those days". Do you ever get that feeling in the morning and then that's exactly what happens? I was just lounging away checking e-mails and other important stuff and saw that I got my statement from my bank. I open it up and cruise through the various debit charges and there are 3 that I don't recognize. What!! What the heck is this book club for kids and skype?? I print out my statement and start checking this out. First I call the bank and talk to a very helpful guy named Nathan. He gives me a phone number for the book club which I promptly call.

***After the brief conversation and her apologizing profusely, she tells me the books have already been shipped and to just keep them when they arrive. I know some people would, but I wouldn't feel right about that so I tell her that I'll send them back when they arrive. This one was $16.80, which is small from what I've heard about these hacked charges.

***Now onto the other charges, which the hacker into my account needed two of those it seems. $18x2=$36. I found a website for this skype and after awhile find a number to call, but that's just if you bought one of their products. She was kind enough to give me the email addy for customer service. Now I don't know about you all... but if I can't resolve something while talking to an actual human being, then I'm a bit worried about what the outcome will be. So, I send along the e-mail like a good little consumer and start the waiting game with them. The bank assures me that I'll get my money back. That's one card that got cut up so they can't get the rest of my hard earned money.

And if that wasn't entertainment enough for you, the real begins! I was on my way to work, just traveling down the road singing along to the radio and the tachometer reves up pretty high. I let up from the gas and then press down lightly with the same affect. Not good. I get off of the highway and call hubby. Luckily he's with his brother who is a mechanic. After waiting about a 1/2 hour with only one truck pulling over to check on me, they arrive. We get the car back to his garage and the car doctor starts his examination. It's not looking good... sounds like transmission problems to him. Transmission problems=$$$$.

I did, however, take a few pics while relaxing in the car awaiting my knights in a shining red Ford 4x4 to arrive. My views from a stranded car...
To the left... cornfields and a highway
Straight ahead... coal mine buildings
To the right... a trailer and Case equipment
...and off she goes with hubby and his brother...aka the knights in a shining red Ford 4x4

Maybe tomorrow will be a better day :)


Heather said...

I'm sorry to hear of your bad day. I hope the hacker stuff gets sorted out quickly and with minimal trouble. I think the worst part of those issues sometimes is the time it can take to resolve them. Hope all is well with your car!

Chanel said...

Well, at least we had a backup! "Little Red" will get you through for awhile...and she's cheaper on gas! Hopefully today was better...

emily said...

Oh...I hope "tomorrow" was a better day :(