Sunday, April 6, 2008

Zune, Zune, Zune!

I received a nice surprise in the mail this week. You've seen them... the soda caps with the codes on them. If you enter the code, you "might" win a prize. Well, Pepsi and Amazon got together for a joint promotion (Pepsi Stuff 2008). You enter the code and they're giving away a prize a day. I had one of those caps at home so thought I'd go for it. I entered my one cap and forgot about it. This week I received a package from Amazon with a black 8 GB Zune inside! I've had some fun putting music on it and figuring it all out. This kind of leads into the next portion on this weeks blog.

Since I've seemed to be blogging on Sundays, I thought I'd start doing the
2 Peas blog challenge when I can - here's the one for today.

How is life different for your children than when you were growing up?
*When I was growing up, things were a bit easier. There weren't electronic gadgets everywhere like there is now. We didn't have ipods and mp3 players. We were lucky to have an am/fm radio or cassette player. Now you see ipod this and ipod that. Someone is making alot of money with that. What is a remote? We never heard of those back in the day. You had to actually walk across to the other side of the room to turn any of the knobs on the tv. *grins*
*We played outside alot more than kids do these days. At the end of the day you could tell it too lol. No nintendo back then meant using your imagination. Yes, imagination actually exists :) We made forts and houses from appliance boxes, cutting windows and doors out of them. Our mansions lasted until the next rain. Days of mother may I? , hide and seek, red light/green light, duck duck goose, and simon says (just to name a few) seem to be disappearing.

Alot has changed sine I was a child of the 60's (born in 1962, so not that old). And it will continue to change. Some things for the good, but not always.

It's such a nice day today... can you come out and play today? *grins* Tag you're it!

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Congratulatuions on your Zune!