Sunday, April 13, 2008

Creative juices... and Purdue visit

Challenge~ Do you find it easier to get the creative juices flowing when your scrapping with others or alone?

*I'm not that creative when it comes to scrapbooking, or anything for that matter. I get alot of my inspiration from looking at other peoples ideas, whether online or in magazines. Yes, I'm a scraplifter! If I'm scrapping with friends, I tend to do alot of talking and not as much scrapping. But then again, I don't like to scrap just by myself lol. Crazy isn't it? I enjoy the company of others and I think I get alot of energy and creativeness when I'm in the company of scrapping friends.


*My hubby and I went to West Lafayette to visit our son, Bret, at Purdue. They were having their spring fest yesterday and it would have been nicer if not for the drizzly rain. It was nice spending some time with him and his girlfriend, Stacy. He's a forestry major in his Junior year and loving it. Today the FNR department at Purdue had scholarship and achievement awards. He received several which will make it better for his last year there. For the fall semester, he and Stacy are going to be studying abroad in New Zealand. I'm so excited for them! Just wish I could go. I already have scrapbook lo's running through my mind lol.

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emily said...

You are creative! Getting ideas from others doesn't mean you are not creative! All artists get ideas from other artists. Thanks for the blog comment also....knitting is very relaxing once you get the hang of it.