Monday, November 3, 2008

Locked behind the cemetery gate!

This post serves two purposes today. It's an answer to todays Two Peas Blogger challenge.
Share your favorite fall activity...
*I really enjoy walking when the leaves are falling and the air is crisp and cool. Cemeteries are a fav place to walk for me. They're so peaceful :)

I've got two stories today that gave my daughter a bit of a chuckle earlier.
Story #1...
I've not been on here to blog much since school got into full swing. Each week is pretty hectic between med-surg, pharmacology and fundamentals classes, discussion plus clinical. When things start to stress me out, I like to go walking, especially in cemeteries. Yeah, I know that sounds creepy. I've enjoyed working on genealogy for a few years and sometimes people that live out of state will ask for one of their ancestors headstone pics in a nearby cemetery. Walking through a cemetery that I've gotten a request from often serves a dual purpose.

Well... last night was one of those stressful evenings. We have three tests this week.. Mon, Wed & Fri. and I needed a short break. I thought I'd stop at the Sunset cemetery on the edge of town and see if I could locate the requests for someone. You have to drive down a side street which has a few houses and then come to the gate. The sign on the gate stated it would be closed from 7pm - 7am. No problem there I thought. It was open and I knew I had plenty of time to find what I needed. After going through the gate, it's approxately 1/10 mile up the road to the cemetery. After walking the cemetery and finding 8 out of the 9 requested stones, I thought I'd head on home and have some dinner. I went back up the road and in the distance I could see that the gate was across the road. Oh boy!

Following a few phone calls, one of which went to central dispatch (Sheriff's dept), help had arrived! Yippee! No... they didn't have a key. The town cop looked at the padlocked chain and said he couldn't get it and he'd have to locate someone with the required key. Off he goes to the first guys house... he's not at home and his neighbor said he was probably at the Eagles. Great! He goes to another guys house who soon gets there to rescue me. Our sons went to school together so I wondered just how long it'd be before the story got out *grins* With a smile on his face, Greg lifts the chain up and over the wooden post that it was "padlocked and chained" to. Oh wonderful!! I could have left on my own free will 30 minutes ago! Now I feel really idiotic lol.

Moral of the story is ya don't always have to have a man rescue you. I was just happy to be out from behind the cemetery gate. Not quite ready to join those inside :)

Story #2...

My hubby has to be at work at 6am EST, so he leaves a little after 5am. You remember how the time changed this weekend :)Well... I guess he didn't change his alarm clock on his side of the bed. I changed mine as I worked Sunday morning and wanted that extra hour of sleep. The ringing of my cell phone woke me up about 5am this morning. It was hubby asking me if I had turned my clock back. I told him that I had and then as I was waking up, realized that he hadn't. I started giggling and he asked if I was laughing at him and I confirmed that I was. In my defense, I was half asleep and stressed already about the test at 8am that morning. I bet he won't forget to switch the clock next time :)

Most of Indiana used to leave their clocks alone and that's a sore issue with alot of people. They should have left the time change issue alone in my opinion as it had worked for years. The Gov that was most recently elected to office (Not my man Mitch!) rallied for daylight savings time to be observed. It has caused so much discussion. It's all for progress I suppose.

Don't forget to vote tomorrow for the candidate of your choice. If you don't vote, you don't have the right to complain :)
Have a great day!

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