Sunday, August 10, 2008

Shop Hop

A few local scrapbook shops got together for a first ever S. Indiana/N. Kentucky Shop Hop. The girls at The Doodlebug in Jasper got it going and it's looking like fun. It started on Friday the 8th and runs through the 17th. The idea is to purchase a passport for $5 and visit the participating stores. Each store stamps your passport when you visit. The stores are offering a make-n-take and a drawing within their own store. If you visit all 8 stores, you are put into the drawing for the grand prize... a scrapbook weekend retreat for you and a friend at Cropical Paradise.

On Friday I visited two stores that I frequent on a regular basis. The first stop was to The Doodlebug in Jasper. Their store has really grown alot in the last few years and the staff is always so friendly. The make-n-take was a card using the zutter and perfect pearls. Melanie also made refreshments which were very yummy. I then made a trip to Evansville to Schmitt Photo. Their make-n-take was a cute little notepad holder featuring a Hawaiian penguin. I get alot of my prints made at Schmitt.

On Saturday morning, I met up with a few friends for a trip to the Bloomington and Nashville stores. Sandy and her daughter Molly, Mary and I left Washington around 8:30 for the trip. After a few turn-arounds and calling for directions, we made it to our first destination in Bloomington, Bloomin' Scrapbooks & Stamps. They carry alot of items that we can't find in our area and I tried to restrain my spending knowing that I had other stores to visit that day. But I will be back :) They gave us a kit for the make-n-take that we could do on our own time at home. Our next stop was in Nashville, IN. It's a very lovely area with lots of small shops all throughout the town. Of 4 scrapbookers, how many cameras do you think we brought? One! Sheesh. I thought about getting mine out of my car when I met up with them, but no... I was thinking that we wouldn't have time for pictures. Always, always bring your camera lol.

On to Nashville! The first stop in Nashville was to Wishful Thinking. This was a cute little store with a wide variety of stamps and other items for altered projects. The make-n-take we made was a cute little card using a transparency. I also liked this shop and will make a return visit. The next shop in Nashville was to Paper Trix. They also had alot of stamping supplies and many items for altered projects. Their make-n-take was to stamp and then use either Twinkling H2O Watercolors or Spica glitter markers. I used the Spica markers and loved them :)

I'll post pictures of the make-n-takes after I've visited all of the stores. My little digital camera has been hijacked by Chanel lol. My shop hopping continues on Tuesday!

The 2 peas challenge for today is: When you go on vacation and take lots of pics... Do you try to scrap them all or just some?
*I try to scrap some of the best pictures and cover the highlights of the vacation. One way to include alot of pictures on a lo is to use mini pictures, like in a mosiac.

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